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Skills and experience without the commitment

Access years of knowledge, experience and skills from our community of skilled professionals without committing to expensive long term employment agreements

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The best people to grow your business

Post your role or project and we will notify the people that best fit your needs. Or if you spot someone you like the look of you can invite them to apply

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Making consultancy more affordable

Detail exactly what you need done or how long you will need someone for and our experts will charge you only for the time you use them, whether that be the hours they are employed or the hours spent on your project

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Bringing parents back to the workplace

We pride ourselves on supporting our members, lots of whom are parents re-building their careers after having a family, by offering a supportive and affordable platform.

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Building trust between employers and employee

Our community is built on trust. We trust you to provide the work you offer and we trust our members to commit fully on you while they are with you

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Learn how to make flexible working work

We know that non-full time and flexible working is new to lots of our employers, let us help with tips and guides on how best to Make It Work for you

All these companies are using us...

  • Black-Ox Media & Events
  • E.ON
  • GrandNanny
  • SPN Lifestyle
  • Bethlem Gallery
  • Slipfree
  • Mizuho
  • ICP
  • TeknTrash
  • Borago Insights

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